Haiku Northwest Officers

For all of its existence until 2014, Haiku Northwest was led by a single regional coordinator, in association with the Haiku Society of America. In late 2013, however, the group decided to share the workload more evenly by electing a slate of officers, and the regional coordinator became separate from Haiku Northwest. The following officers were elected for 2021. Click any officer’s name to read a brief bio and sample poems. Feel free to contact any officer if you have questions about the organization or our meetings, or contact the web manager if you have questions about the website. To join our mailing list, please contact the secretary.



Michelle Schaefer | michelle_698@hotmail.com

Vice President

Gary Evans | ab7rk@aol.com


Bob Redmond | haikunw1988@gmail.com


Curtis Manley | crmanley@pobox.com

Web Manager

Michael Dylan Welch | welchm@aol.com

Officer History (since 2014)

Haiku Northwest Coordinators (since 1993)