Poems by Haiku Northwest Members

Haiku Northwest includes both widely published and beginning haiku poets. Here we list members who have passed away first, then additional poets who are or who have been active with Haiku Northwest. These poets have sent a selection of their haiku and senryu and a short biography to be featured on this site. We'll add more selections as we receive them. To have your poems added, please see the submission guidelines below.

A Note About Membership

Haiku Northwest has never charged dues or had any kind of formal membership list, so poets were typically considered members if they attended any of our events or wrote haiku in the region. That region has changed scope over the years. When the organization was founded in 1988, it welcomed participation from Washington, Oregon, and British Columbia. That shrunk in 1993 to just Oregon and Washington when Haiku Northwest become synonymous with the Pacific Northwest region of the Haiku Society of America (even though Haiku Northwest remained autonomous). Later, in 2007, Oregon become its own separate HSA region, and Haiku Northwest acted as an umbrella organization for haiku in Washington State (synonymous with the Washington State region of the HSA), even though it concentrated its activities in the Seattle area. In 2018, the group shrank even further, deciding that its focus was just the greater Seattle area rather than the entire state, and in 2019, for the first time in Haiku Northwest history, the HSA regional coordinator was not also a Haiku Northwest coordinator or officer. Throughout this changing history, various talented poets have been involved with Haiku Northwest, and their work is represented here, in the spirit of generous inclusiveness, if they have lived in Oregon and Washington. For future submissions, we have chosen to confine representation to haiku poets resident in Washington State who have been active in our events, such as our monthly meetings and annual Seabeck Haiku Getaway.

Submission Guidelines

All haiku poets in Washington State are welcome to participate in Haiku Northwest activities and then to submit poems for this site. To submit, please send up to five of your best haiku or senryu (previously published preferred), a photo, and a bio of up to 100 words in an email message to Michael Dylan Welch at WelchM@aol.com. Please type or paste the bio and poems in an email message (no attached files, please, except for photos). Published poems preferred, but publication credits will not be listed for individual poems, so you need not include credits. If you send unpublished poems, please note that some journal editors and contest coordinators will consider the poems "published" (and thus ineligible for submission) if they appear online (such as on this site). Consequently, we recommend that you send published poems, if available. We welcome your haiku and senryu!