Seabeck Haiku Getaway

Seabeck Haiku Getaway

Haiku Northwest sponsors an annual haiku retreat every autumn at the lovely Seabeck Conference Center in Seabeck, Washington, about 90 minutes west of Seattle. We offer a stimulating weekend of haiku sharing, study, and celebration, with a mix of readings, workshops, presentations, panel discussions, writing exercises, nature walks, artwork displays, a kukai (haiku contest), talent show, and other activities. A featured guest provides special focus on our weekend theme, and we commemorate the weekend with an anthology of our haiku and senryu. We share our meals in the dining hall and live and breathe haiku all weekend. We’d love to have you join us!

The Seabeck Haiku Getaway acknowledges that we gather on the traditional land of the Twana and Skokomish Peoples, and honor with gratitude the land itself and the people who have stewarded this land throughout the generations.

Our 2021 Retreat: October 28–31, 2021, IN PERSON

Join the Haiku Northwest group on the weekend of October 28–31, 2021 (Thursday through Sunday) at the Seabeck Conference Center by the water on Washington State’s Kitsap Peninsula. Our featured speaker is Chuck Brickley. Our theme for the weekend is “togetherness,” which we hope is particularly fitting after our physically isolating pandemic. We have been hoping to stay in the brand-new Pines building, but it looks like it won't quite be finished and open in time for our weekend. Accordingly, we expect to be reassigned to other accommodations at the conference center, and will meet in the Colman Center. Everyone will be provided a private room, without extra private-room fees (all or most rooms should have private bathrooms). Our full-weekend rate is $290 for a long weekend of meals, accommodations, and all the haiku you can carry! Enjoy the lagoon, waterfront, woods, mountain views, stimulating presentations and workshops, and fine haiku camaraderie.

Covid-19 Considerations (everyone’s safety is extremely important to us)

We have all lived through a challenging pandemic, and it’s still not quite over. But we are pleased to say that, following Washington State guidance, the Seabeck Conference Center is open to everyone under vaccination and testing precautions. We will privately ask for proof of vaccination as part of your registration process (by emailing our registrar a photo or scan of your vaccination card). Your second vaccination (if your vaccination requires two shots) or only vaccination (if it requires just one shot) must be at least two weeks before our retreat starts, so by October 14, 2021 if you arrive on October 28. If you haven’t yet had your vaccinations, please plan ahead with these dates in mind. All attendees must provide proof of full vaccination as part of the registration process (prior to attending). In addition to this, please know that all Seabeck Conference Center staff have been fully vaccinated. Although all attendees will be fully vaccinated, we appreciate that everyone’s comfort level is different, but at this time we are also requiring that masks be worn all weekend (so bring extras so you have several to use each day). Speakers may be allowed to remove their masks. Other than requiring vaccination and masks, we expect no other mandated restrictions to our weekend, so it should feel as normal as possible. One small change, however, is that meals will be served buffet-style in the dining hall instead of family-style (so main dishes won’t already be at our tables). In addition, the conference center is offering private rooms at the shared rate, and we expect everyone to be able to have a private room. Each room in Pines and Spruce, our accommodations for 2021, has a private bathroom. If you have any other questions, please contact either Michael Dylan Welch or Tanya McDonald. We want you to feel completely confident that our gathering will be safe. See also the Seabeck Conference Center pandemic precautions (PDF file). Please also note that we will be closely monitoring Washington State pandemic guidelines and will update this website (and email registered attendees) if any guidance or requirements might affect our weekend plans.

A Note on Vaccinations

Haiku Northwest, after a board discussion, has decided that it will require full vaccination for all attendees at Seabeck this year (consequently, having just a negative Covid test is not enough). We feel that full vaccination will increase everyone’s confidence in attending and improve everyone’s safety. If this decision makes you feel unfairly excluded from attending (if you are not able to get the vaccination or receive a second dose for whatever reason), please let us know (email Michael Dylan Welch or Tanya McDonald). As part of the registration process, a scan or photo of your vaccination card must be sent to our registrar.

Our Accommodations

We expect the new Pines building to be finished in time for our haiku weekend, and it looks like our group might be among the very first to use it. In case it’s not quite finished in time, however, please be aware that we may have to be reassigned to other accommodations at the conference center. Although this might be a last-minute change, we expect everyone to be accommodated just as comfortably as in previous years. We appreciate your patience and understanding if we need to make any changes. If this change happens, we will use the Colman Building as our meeting location. Read more about Seabeck accommodations, including photos and layout maps.

Covid Cancellations

If the pandemic situation should change and our retreat becomes prohibited, we have been assured by the Seabeck Conference Center that we will receive a full refund. If you need to cancel because your comfort level changes after you register, please contact us and we will refund your full payment. Our booking of accommodations usually requires us to meet a minimum quota relative to the number of rooms we reserve, or pay the difference, but the conference center is willing to be flexible on the quota this year. If our in-person event becomes impossible, we will reschedule our event on Zoom, on a later date.

Registration Page

Click here for the 2021 retreat registration page (numerous options available, including day rates with no accommodations). Registration opens August 1, 2021, and closes October 22 , 2021 (this year we are able to extend our discount rate for the entire registration period). Do not register before August 1. Registration may be possible after October 22, especially for day visitors, but please inquire first. See you at Seabeck!

Cancellation Policy

This year, because of the pandemic circumstances, we are able to provide full refunds for cancellations made at any time, with no cancellation fees.


Events will include anonymous haiku critique workshops, haiku walks, discussions, presentations, slideshows, haiku and renku writing time, and more! The schedule provides a mix of relaxation and stimulation, with plenty of breaks and variety. Click here to see the 2021 retreat schedule. For planning purposes, please know that check-in starts Thursday afternoon at 4:00 p.m., in the Historic Inn, with dinner at 6:00 p.m. (please arrive at least by 6:00 if coming on Thursday). Our events end at 1:00 p.m. Sunday at the conclusion of lunch, with an optional afternoon outing at about 2:00 p.m. Come join us!

Getting to Seabeck

Click to read extensive advice on how to get to Seabeck from SeaTac Airport, from Victoria or Vancouver in British Columbia, or from Portland, Oregon by various ferry and road options. For those who are new to the Pacific Northwest, our ferries can be confusing or intimidating. Explore the preceding link to learn about your many options, depending on where you’re traveling from. And do take a ferry if you can—the trip can be wonderfully scenic! You can also read more about Seabeck at the Visit Kitsap Peninsula website.


If you have questions, first visit the Seabeck Details page, then contact Michel Dylan Welch or Tanya McDonald. You can also visit the Seabeck Conference Center website or phone them at 360-830-5010 (but please be aware that they do not handle any of our registration details).

See you in Seabeck!

Our fourteenth annual Haiku Northwest haiku retreat is scheduled for October 2021! We’re staying in comfortable accommodations across the lagoon from Hood Canal at the Seabeck Conference Center—hope you’ll join us!