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Thanks for visiting the Haiku Northwest website. Please check this site regularly for additional activities or exceptions to our regular schedule, or for special announcements.

About Haiku Northwest

For more information about Haiku Northwest, please contact (ask to join our monthly email meeting reminder list). We welcome your input, and invite you to get involved. Download our information sheet (PDF format).

About Haiku and the Haiku Society of America

For information about the Haiku Society of America, please visit For information about the Haiku North America conference, please visit For a general introduction to haiku poetry and how to write it, see “Becoming a Haiku Poet” by Michael Dylan Welch. See additional essays by Michael on his Graceguts website. Also see our Haiku Links page.

About this website

For more information about this website, or to offer a correction or suggestion, please contact Michael Dylan Welch, web manager, at, or phone him at 206-240-0871.