No Longer Strangers

Haiku Northwest 25th Anniversary Anthology

Haiku Northwest, the Washington State region of the Haiku Society of America, celebrates its twenty-fifth anniversary with No Longer Strangers, a wide-ranging anthology of haiku, senryu, and haibun by 78 contributors from Washington, Oregon, Alaska, and British Columbia. Also included are poems by deceased members, including Haiku Northwest founder, Francine Porad, as well as Connie Hutchison’s engaging history of the organization and its many contributions to poetry in the great Pacific Northwest.

Tanya McDonald, Marilyn Sandall, Michelle Schaefer, and Angela Terry served as editors. Connie Hutchison edited the memorial section and contributed an extensive essay on the history of Haiku Northwest. Michael Dylan Welch did the layout/design, art direction, copyediting, and production. Dejah Léger provided the cover and interior artwork. Dianne Garcia and William Scott Galasso helped with manuscript preparation and research. Please read below for more information about the book, including contents, sample poems, and other material.

Haiku Northwest / Vandina Press, 2014, 152 pages, 6x9 inches, ISBN 978-1-887381-27-7

Winner of the second place Merit Book Award  in the 2015 Kanterman Awards sponsored by the Haiku Society of America

How to Order

To order a copy of No Longer Strangers at $15 plus shipping, please visit Amazon. Copies are sometimes available at monthly Haiku Northwest meetings and other events.

“I’m intrigued by the thought of which one haiku I would choose to be remembered by. Over twelve hundred of my poems have been published. Would I want it to be humorous? Serious? Dealing with nature or human beings? About travel, art, the computer world? All of us are multidimensional beings. I have somewhat decided on one. It’s a haiku you may have heard.”

        poolside, we chat

        about reincarnation;

        no longer strangers

                        —Francine Porad, “A Personal Journey to Haiku”

“This collection, celebrating the first quarter century of Haiku Northwest, introduces readers to a thriving community of poets who sense the connection between fresh gingerbread and a sister’s coming-out letter, who honor the soggy meaning of Raggedy Ann afloat at ebbtide, who gaze from atop the Space Needle to share ‘how it feels / to spot a whale.’ In the pages of this anthology readers become acquainted with a Northwest gathering of artists eager to share their deepest insights, perceptions, memories, and yearnings . . . no longer strangers.”

                        —David G. Lanoue, President, Haiku Society of America


The following content is included in No Longer Strangers. Click to view selected content, including sample poems accessible through the “Haiku, Senryu, and Haibun” page. Please also see selections of Dejah Léger’s papercut artwork from the book.

Copyright, page 4

Staff, page 5

Acknowledgments, page 7

Introduction, page 13

Haiku, Senryu, and Haibun, page 17

The Inside Story: Haiku Northwest’s First Twenty-Five Years, page 87

        by Connie Hutchison

Haiku Northwest Poets: In Memoriam, page 107


        Haiku Northwest Coordinators, page 133

        Haiku Northwest Publications, page 135

        Contributor Publication Credits and Awards, page 143

Index of Contributors, page 151


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