Bibliography of Books by Francine Porad

Francine Porad published books of haiku, senryu, tanka, and linked verse regularly for more than twenty years. Each of the following books was published by her own press, Vandina Press, except where noted.

Connections, 1986

Pen & Inklings, 1986

After Autumn Rain, 1987

Blues on the Run, 1988

Free of Clouds, 1989

Without Haste, Cicada Chapbook Award, 1989

Hundreds of Wishes, 1990

A Mural of Leaves, 1991

Joy Is My Middle Name, 1993

The Patchwork Quilt, HSA Merit Book Award Winner, 1993

Waterways, Haiku Canada Sheet Selection, 1995

All Eyes, 1995

Ladles and Jellyspoons: Presentations, 1996

Extended Wings, 1996

Moon, Moon, 1997

Fog Lifting . . . , 1997

All the Games, 1997

Let’s Count the Trees, Haiku Canada Sheet Selection, 1998

Family Album, 1999

When in Doubt Add Red, 1999

The Perfect Worry-Stone, 2000

Cur*rent, with Marlene Mountain, 2000

Other Rens, books 1, 2, and 3, with Marlene Mountain and Kris Kondo, 2000

Trio of Wrens, with Marlene Mountain and Kris Kondo, 2000

Second Blooming, 2001

Hollyhocks Stand at Attention, 2001

Probably, with Marlene Mountain, 2002

Probably II, with Marlene Mountain, 2004

Sunlight Comes and Goes, 2004