Listing of Brussels Sprout Issues

The following is a listing of all issues of Brussels Sprout published by Francine Porad after she took over the journal from Alexis Rotella. This list also identifies each issue’s featured artist.

Editor/Publisher: Francine Porad

Associate Editor: Connie Hutchison

1988 V: 1 (May) Guest Editor: David LeCount

Artist: June Hildebrand

V: 2 (September) Guest Editor: George Swede

Artist: Marcia Pence

1989 VI: 1 (January) Guest Editor: Ruth Yarrow

Artist: Jean Dernberger

VI: 2 (May) Artist: Francine Porad

VI: 3 (September) Artist: Hide Kawanishi

1990 VII: 1 (January) Artist: Sarah Teofanov

VII: 2 (May) Artist: John Rizzotto

VII: 3 (September) Artist: Beth Jankola

1991 VIII: 1 (January) Artist: Richard Kirsten-Daiensai

VIII: 2 (May) Artist: Aholaah Arzah

VIII: 3 (September) Artist: Priscilla Maynard

1992 IX: 1 (January) Artist: Mary Lou Bittle-DeLapa

IX: 2 (May) Artist: Lynn DiNino

IX: 3 (September) Artist: S. Minanel

1993 X: 1 (January) Artist: Elly Prestegård

X: 2 (May) Artist: Vincent Cannella

X: 3 (September) Artist: Midori Kono Thiel

1994 XI: 1 (January) Artist: Carol Edson

XI: 2 (May) Artist: Francine Porad

XI: 3 (September) Artist: Ed Bennett

1995 XII: 1 (January) Artist: d’Elaine Johnson

XII: 2 (May) Artist: E. F. Bennett

XII: 3 (September) Artist: Karen Klein