Michelle Schaefer

Bothell, Washington

Michelle Schaefer enjoys writing free-verse poetry and haiku. She has actively written free verse since 2007 in the poet’s forum GotPoetry.com, but her passion is writing haiku. She is delighted to have had her work published in several haiku journals including Heron’s Nest, Acorn, Modern Haiku, A Hundred Gourds, and Daily Haiku. She enjoys living in the Northwest with her family where she finds a daily supply of inspiration. She is always amazed by the beauty and surprise of haiku and enjoys reading them as much as writing.

winter solitude

the elevator speaks

to me

autumn twilight

the boarded-up window

of the tree house

the big dipper

no matter where I stand

mountain sky

summer passing

the yard flamingo’s

rusty legs

thin winter air

the hair left behind

in her brush