Mimi Call: 1920 – 2011

Port Townsend, Washington

March 13, 1920 – February 18, 2011

Mimi Call cofounded the Port Townsend Haiku Group in 1992 with Doris Thurston. Mimi’s interest in haiku developed when her father came to live with her in Brinnon, Washington during the latter part of his life. Mr. Call was in the habit of carrying 3x5 cards everywhere with the intent of writing haiku. He and Mimi would then discuss what he’d written. It wasn’t long before Mimi began writing haiku herself. Mimi moved to Port Townsend, Washington and soon became friends with Doris Thurston. They quickly began sharing their haiku. Other people became interested in what they were writing and as a result they formed the Port Townsend Haiku Group. Mimi opened her home to monthly meetings at which she’d supply snacks, tea, and coffee for all comers. By that time, she had collected quite a number of haiku books and gladly shared them with her friends. Mimi’s generosity, enthusiasm, love of nature, and playful sense of humor were contagious. She created a fertile environment for sharing the joys of haiku.

sunflower fading

a shower of gold falls

on the leaf below

early morning light

the great blue heron

stands at attention

tide changing—

on the rocks, oyster catchers

whistle while they work

rocky beach

the arfing of seals

echoes up the cliff

two white petals

drop beside me in the park

the band plays on

Costa Rica

at midnight, you can hear

the earth breathing

last night we wondered

if there’s room for us

in the ark

visit my website

between cedar and douglas

just follow the path