Richard Tice

Kent, Washington

Richard Tice worked as a book and magazine editor for fourteen years and then switched to teaching English: ESL, composition, and reading. While living in Japan in the ’70s, he became interested in haiku and was active in that field in Japan and the United States for many years as editor and publisher of Dragonfly: East/West Haiku Quarterly, and as a translator, essayist, and poet. He has returned to haiku recently after a long hiatus. Richard is the author of several books, including two collections of his haiku and haiku-related forms, Station Stop and Familiar and Foreign.

nothing moves:

not dry grass, not water,

not the blue heron

a world of dew . . .

the night’s slow passage written

in lines of slugs

down worn stone of temple steps spring rain


stretch of sand between

dark and dark

rising toward

the slow turn of maple seeds

the child’s laughter