Seren Fargo

Bellingham, Washington

I have been writing poetry on and off for many years—more seriously in the last few years following the death of my boyfriend in 2007. After receiving a book of haiku from a friend, the pages of my poetry journal soon became filled with haiku. I enjoy the challenge of saying so much with so few words. I have published several haiku and other poems in various journals, including White Lotus, Bottle Rockets, and Asahi Weekly. I started the Bellingham Haiku Group in 2009, and welcome haiku poets in and around Bellingham to join us (you can email me at serenfargohaiku [at] hotmail [dot] com).

mourning the death

of a man I never met—

passenger pigeons

evening meditation—

snowflakes go this way

then that

spring warm-up

birds practice their

mating calls

sunny day—

telling time by my cat’s

choice of window

turning leaves—

my child’s crayons

scattered on the floor