2005 Porad Award Winners

Christopher Herold, Judge

Unknown, Contest Coordinator

Sponsored by the Washington Poets Association

Judge’s Comments

[we have not yet been able to locate contest comments but will add them here as soon as we do]

First Prize ($100)


        the ascending cry

        of an osprey

                Ernest J. Berry

                Picton, New Zealand

Second Prize ($75)

        a banner flaps

            in the autumn wind...

               Everything Must Go!

                Scott Mason

                Chappaqua, New York

Third Prize ($50)

        winter fog

        everything familiar



                Crescent, Oregon

Honorable Mentions

        the sound of breaking waves

        on a moonless night

        —distant friend

                Tracy Koretsky

                Berkeley, California

        slow bend in the river

        he comes around

        to my point of view

                Francine Banwarth

                Dubuque, Iowa

        hot night the length of a siren

                Ernest J. Berry

                Picton, New Zealand


        from its tangle of branches

                beaver moon

                Scott Mason

                Chappaqua, New York