Seabeck Haiku Getaway 2020 Kukai Winners

Congratulations to the following winners of the 2020 Seabeck Haiku Getaway kukai (our friendly annual anonymous haiku contest). We received 235 poems (one or two poems per poet), and votes from 124 Seabeck participants. The following poets placed in the top ten places, based on total vote count, voted on anonymously, and these poems were published in our 2020 Seabeck anthology. Results compiled by Michael Dylan Welch, kukai coordinator.

First Place

dahlia blossom—

the many layers

of her touch

                Nicholas Klacsanzky

Second Place

dense fog

the murmuring

of our condolences

                Lorraine A. Padden

Third Place

vinegar & newspaper

wiping the windows

with stories

                Dorothy Mahoney

Fourth Place


we travel towards the mountains

by flute

                Marion Clarke

Fifth Place

dusting for fingerprints the whorl of galaxies

                Sarah Metzler

Sixth Place (tie)

under the pile

of newly raked leaves—


                Kim Weers

sumi brush

with one sweep

a leaf

                Sarah Metzler

old bus ticket

between the pages

marking her stop

                susan spooner

Seventh Place

letter to old friend

returned to sender

late autumn chill

                Maureen Lanagan Haggerty

Eighth Place

getting old

the roots move around

the stones

                Mike Rehling

Ninth Place (tie)

fall colors

my choices of words

keep changing

                Christine L. Villa

through a train window

the hunter’s moon

stalking me

                Pippa Phillips

Tenth Place (tie)

post mastectomy

          through her garden window

                      two ripe tomatoes

                Robin Palley

Halloween moon

the disembodied voices

of passing geese

                Jacquie Pearce

blue moon . . .

the fading notes

of a flute

                Susan Constable