Seabeck Haiku Getaway 2022 Kukai Winners

Congratulations to the following winners of the 2022 Seabeck Haiku Getaway kukai, with voting held online this year after the retreat. The following poets placed in the top six places, based on total vote count, voted on anonymously, and these poems will be published in our 2022 Seabeck anthology.

First Place

border crossing

on the ginko walk

mostly speaking with poets

Rich Schnell

Second Place

inhaling pine

through the open window

the deepness of stars

Beki Reese

Third Place (tie)

rolling mist

a dash of cinnamon

in my hot chocolate

Antoinette Cheung

on the bench

by the birch

one leaf . . . and me

Helen Ogden

scattered ashes

only some of her


Lisa Gerlits

Fourth Place (tie)

moss-covered marker the dash between dates

Gary Evans

over the sound

the sound

of Canada geese

Helen Ogden

Fifth Place

pulse of cicada song—

the baby named

for a constellation

Aidan Castle

Sixth Place (tie)

fog settles in the trees . . .


to relax

David Berger

inclusivity panel

our pens poised

at the same angle

Antoinette Cheung

rain-soaked knees

the small blue door

in the fairy garden

Lynne Jambor

left out—

the upturned shovel

fills with rain

Shelley Baker-Gard