2021 Seabeck Registration Page

The 2021 Seabeck Haiku Getaway will run from Thursday afternoon, October 28, to Sunday lunchtime, October 31, with optional Sunday-afternoon activities. See the 2021 retreat schedule. We’ve tried to keep the fee as bare-bones as possible. It’s just $290 for three nights (with no extra charge per night this year for a private room), including nine meals, and all retreat activities if you register by October 22, 2021. If you can’t come until Friday night, the rate is $245 for two nights of shared accommodations. For one night, the rate is $195 for shared accommodations. For day visitors (pick your day or days, including lunch and dinner each day, but not breakfast), the fee is $75 per day. See the printable registration form for all the details.

All attendees must provide proof of full vaccination as part of the registration process (prior to attending).

Registrations accepted from August 1, 2021 to October 22, 2021 (please do NOT register before August 1). Please email Tanya McDonald at tanyamc1375@gmail.com to say your registration is coming if you register after September 30). Registration MAY be possible after October 22, especially for day visitors—please inquire.

In the new Pines building, and in Spruce, our expected accommodations for 2021, all rooms have private bathrooms. Rooms are limited, so normally we would encourage you to double-up if possible (we would pair you with a roommate unless you have your own roommate preference or request a private room). However, because of the pandemic situation, everyone can have private rooms (at no extra charge this year). Please contact us about reduced rates for children (rates depend on age; free for age two and under). We also have a spouse/partner rate (if your significant other would like to attend, but does not participate in the haiku activities—although they are welcome to attend and contribute to our evening talent show, and any events at which you are presenting or reading). We’ll be staying in Pines and Spruce, with Pines also serving as our primary meeting room. In all, we trust that you will find our 2021 retreat to be engaging and inspiring, so please do sign up!

Our Accommodations: NOTE: We are no longer certain that the new Pines building will be finished in time for our haiku weekend. Accordingly, we will be reassigned to other accommodations at the conference center, and will meet in the Colman Center. Although this might be a last-minute change, we expect everyone to be accommodated just as comfortably as in previous years. We appreciate your patience and understanding if we need to make any changes. Read more about Seabeck accommodations, including photos and layout maps.

NOTE: If we run out of rooms, and you wish to attend for one or more days or the whole retreat, rooms are available in the nearby towns of Silverdale (closest, at about seven miles away), Bremerton, and Poulsbo, and you can book rooms through Booking.com (or whatever other hotel booking website you use)—or try Airbnb, such as Eaglewood at Seabeck. We may also have a few last-minute cancellations, and if you would like Tanya to let you know if one comes up (if we do fill up), email her at tanyamc1375@gmail.com and she’ll set up a waiting list, first come/first served.

Priority Booking: We’ve booked about the same number of rooms this year. We don’t expect to fill up, but in case we do, priority will be given to a) people attending the entire retreat, b) the date we receive your payment, and c) if necessary, people willing to share a room. Please note that an increasing number of people are requesting private rooms, which reduces the total number of people we can accommodate, so please share if you can [not necessary for 2021, since everyone will have private rooms]. Please note that everyone attending must provide proof of full vaccination. All Seabeck staff are fully vaccinated.

Cancellation Policy: Our normal policy is that reservations cancelled by September 25, 2021 would be entitled to a full refund, minus a $25 cancellation fee. After this date, partial refunds would be given at the registrar’s discretion, minus at least a $50 cancellation fee. You would need to email or phone us by September 25 to cancel your reservation. However, in this unusual pandemic year, with support from the Seabeck Conference Center, we are able to provide full refunds for those who feel they need to cancel at any time.

Meals: Your fee includes all the meals indicated. If you expect to miss any meals, such as Sunday lunch (if you might be leaving before lunch), please let us know so we can inform the kitchen. This will help reduce food waste.

Click the above link to display and print out our registration form (PDF format). In addition, you will be required to email Tanya McDonald a photo or scan of your current vaccination card, showing full vaccination (to be fully valid, you must have received your second vaccination at least two weeks before you arrive at Seabeck). Proof of full vaccination is required by Haiku Northwest and the Seabeck Conference Center. Masks will also be required during our retreat.

You must also send your payment, payable to “Haiku Northwest,” to:

Tanya McDonald

15824 182nd Avenue NE

Woodinville, WA 98072 USA

The following information is provided or requested on the printable registration form, but is shown here just for reference (please do NOT print out this website text; instead, please click the register link):

Roommate preference (if any): _________________________________________

Meal preference: __ Nonvegetarian __ Vegetarian

Other special diet: __ Vegan __ No dairy __ Gluten-free __ No soy

Include my email address in the retreat attendee list: __ Yes __ No

On the online registration form, you will be asked to choose ONE of the following four options, and possible suboptions:

1. Full Retreat (includes three nights and nine meals, Thursday to Sunday):

Your rate: __ $290

Partner rate: __ $269

(if partner is not participating in retreat activities but needs just accommodations and meals)

2. Weekend Only (includes two nights and up to seven meals, starting with lunch, Friday to Sunday):

Your rate: __ $245

Partner rate: __ $225

(if partner is not participating in retreat activities but needs just accommodations and meals)

3. One Night (includes one night and up to four meals, starting with lunch, or starting with dinner if you stay Thursday night):

Please specify night: __ Thursday __ Friday __ Saturday

Your rate: __ $195

Partner rate: __ $175

(if partner is not participating in retreat activities but needs just accommodations and meals)

4. Day Visitor (includes up to two meals, either lunch and dinner or breakfast and lunch, depending on the day; no accommodations):

Please specify day or days: __ Thursday __ Friday __ Saturday __ Sunday

Your rate, per day: __ $75

Payments from Canada: We can deposit Canadian cheques. Please check the current exchange rate and determine how much money in Canadian dollars you have to pay to equal the U.S. amount due. Rates may fluctuate between the time you write your cheque and when we deposit it, but we will sort out any overpayment or underpayment at the retreat itself—please remind us, if necessary.

See you at Seabeck!