Seabeck Haiku Getaway 2021 Registered Attendees

Want to know who’s coming to Seabeck in 2021? The following are 41 of our 47 registered attendees as of October 28, 2021 (final attendance was 49). If you have not yet registered, please visit our registration page. And take a look at our schedule!

* = first-time attendee (welcome!)

Ellen Ankenbrock

Shelley Baker-Gard

David Berger

Cheryl Berrong

* Sam Blair

* Chuck Brickley

Terran Campbell

* Aidan Castle

Margaret Chula

Billie Dee

Gary Evans

Ida Freilinger

Abigail Friedman

William Scott Galasso

Patrick Gallagher

Dianne Garcia

* Lisa Gerlits

John S Green

Connie Hutchison

Roy Kindelberger

* Anne Kundtz

* Anne Laird

Annette Makino

Curtis Manley

Dorothy Matthews

Tanya McDonald

* Cathy Merritt

Victor Ortiz

Jacob Salzer

Michelle Schaefer

* Rich Schnell

* David Stallings

John Stevenson

Ron Swanson

Angela Terry

Kathleen Tice

Richard Tice

* Kim Weers

Michael Dylan Welch

Carolyn Winkler

Sharon Young